The Platform

Healthcare organizations are facing new significant challenges in addressing their large, diverse populations. The landscape, driven by the challenges of chronic and complex disease care, is increasingly moving towards a horizontal paradigm, requiring patient data to be shared across multiple disparate data sources. More than ever, direct involvement of the patient is required, defining a completely new concept of interoperability; Population Management.
Population Management can best be defined as “the aggregation of patient data across multiple data sources and the analysis and consumption of said data into a single actionable patient record through which care providers can improve both clinical and financial outcomes”.
In order to address the aformentioned challenges, a central component, an Interoperability platform, is required to not only enable disparate sources to share data, but to intelligently communicate and collaborate on care.

Dedalus has been at the forefront of advancing interoperability through its evolution: from interfacing to digital cooperation, from structural Interoperability to semantic Interoperability and finally to true Population Health Management. X1.V1 is the ever-evolving result of this ongoing education, continuing to support the newest care models and allowing the most efficient and secure sharing of patient data.


X1.V1’s versatility and wide-ranging portfolio of compatible exchange standards enables the platform to successfully manage any Interoperability scenario. Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) are all enhanced utilizing the X1.V1 ecosystem.


The X1.V1 Interoperability Platform was created by aggregating cooperating functional components to provide interoperability services: document sharing and indexing, patient demographics cross-referencing, sharing of coding/terminologies value sets, single-sign-on and healthcare operators directory, notification management and a patient portal. These components comprise the “core” of X1.V1 and are standard for any implementation of the Platform.


The Platform

The X1.V1 interoperability platform assists healthcare providers in collecting and sharing patient information, documents, and processes among multiple institutions or across a region. Providers are able to efficiently manage healthcare information while reducing risk, improving security and drastically increasing quality control. X1.V1 provides the means to create efficient cross-institutional healthcare networks, all while improving clinical and administrative processes by connecting all stakeholders within a healthcare exchange. Most platforms are only capable of providing mono-directional flow of data, mainly bottom- up or top-down. Dedalus’ X1.V1 enables multidirectional flow, resulting in ALL stakeholders within a network being interoperable (ambulatory, inpatient, tertiary, insurance, regional health exchanges, ACOs etc.). This means that X1.V1 is able to connect all the healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, hospital admin staff, government officials, GPs etc.), while allowing direct patient involvement and empowerment.


Key Challenges Addressed

X1.V1 supports an improved sharing, exchange and management of a comprehensive set of information.

X1.V1 effectively integrates clinical, administrative and statistical systems in a vendor-neutral and standardcompliant ecosystem.

X1.V1 is able to cross-reference Patient IDs from different facilities, effectively merging them together into a “unified” Patient ID (Master Patient Index – MPI), ensuring that patients can be identified by all sectors within an ecosystem.

X1.V1 provides interfaces for cross-referencing of coding and terminologies identifiers used by different systems (MCI), enabling all institutions within a network to “speak the same language”.

X1.V1 can be integrated with a wide range of applications aimed at optimizing specific clinical and healthcare management processes.

Patients’ clinical history is easily accessible by authorized physicians and nurses at healthcare facilities across a region via a dedicated Web Portal. The Web Portal can be easily integrated and accessed via third-party applications



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