Healthcare Networks Enablement

Regional Oncology Screening and Pathology Network – Puglia Region, Italy


The Project

The aim of the SCR-AP (SCReening-Anatomic Pathology) project was to create a single, interoperable network to enable Puglia’s Regional Oncology Screening Network to coordinate with their Regional Pathology Network. The objectives were as stated:

  1. Regional Master Patient Index – Create a centralized patient identifier registry and allow for the two entities to cross-reference patient identifiers.
  2. Privacy Consent: Storage and management of the patient privacy consent documents from both sites.
  3. Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) – Orders from the Regional Oncology Screening Network can be forwarded to the Regional Pathology Network and the associated laboratories.
  4. Interoperability Hub – Integrating the two unique networks with the Puglia Regional Patient Portal as well as other Regional services.
  5. Centralized Data Dictionary Management – Creating a unified data dictionary for the two sites, catering to both administrative purposes (Townships, General Practitioners, Local Health Authorities, etc.) and clinical use (ICD9-CM, Care and Clinical Services, etc.).
  6. Integration of the following entities:
  • three cancer screening networks (Breast, Cervical and Colorectal),

  • All pathology departments,

  • All Breast Care units in the region to the Puglia Regional Health Information System (Including authentication services, various Electronic Medical Records, Patient Portal, Master Patient Index and a Cancer Registry)


Puglia is Italy’s eighth largest region, with a population of roughly 4 million people.

Prior to implementation of the SCR-AP project, the situation was as follows:

  • The Puglia Regional Cervical Screening Program was without a second tier of management;
  • The Breast Cancer Screening Departments were disconnected from the clinical ones;
  • The various Pathology Departments lacked any integration or Patient ID Unification.


Project Outcomes

Dedalus met the described challenges by implementing it’s X1V1 Interoperability platform to create a federated system to support document and data sharing between the Puglia Regional Oncology Screening Network, the Puglia Regional Pathology Network, the various Local Health Authorities within Puglia and the  Regional Government itself. The following processes were initiated by the Platform:

  • Order and Sample Management (Integration between Order Placers and Fillers)
  • Patient Clinical Data Management
  • Consent Management
  • Integration with Regional Information System (Cancer Registry, Regional MPI, Regional Health Portal,
  • Integration with Hospital Information System (CPOE, EMR)

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