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Dedalus Healthcare Systems Group is a leading provider of healthcare IT software in Europe and Italy’s largest by revenue and market share. Founded in 1990, with over 30 Offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Dedalus offers a wide range of healthcare IT solutions, with over 200 implementations globally.

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Private Hospitals

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R&D yearly expenditure €M

Dedalus worldwide consolidated and ongoing operations

Stefano Ferrara

Stefano Ferrara

Managing Director and USA Country Manager

Lapo Bertini

Lapo Bertini

VP Marketing

Lapo Bertini is VP of International Marketing and IT Standards at Dedalus, with 20+ years of experience in healthcare IT, 15 of which in executive and managerial positions. He is also currently IHE Italy Vendor Co-Chair (Milan, Italy), IHE Europe Vendor Co-Chair (Brussels, Belgium) and member of IHE International Board (Chicago, IL).
Chris Masci

Chris Masci

VP Operations

Chris Masci joined Dedalus in April of 2014, bringing 9 years of industry experience to the table.
Having previously served in key business development positions both in the US and in Europe, Chris oversees Dedalus’ operations efforts within the North America. Chris is also responsible for developing Dedalus’ strategic partnerships throughout the US healthcare industry.
Chris has a B.A. in Finance from Arizona State University.

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